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Dear all,
this from the story by Dorothy Parker 'A Young Woman in Green Lace'.

"At least, when I saw you sitting there and that dress and everything—well, I went for a loop, that’s all.”
“... Why, it’s old as the hills, I got it before I went abroad. I sort of didn’t want to wear any of my French things tonight because—well, of course no one thinks anything of them over there, but I thought maybe these New York people might think they were pretty extreme. You know how Paris clothes are.

In the beginning of the story it is said that the young woman was in green lace and possible pearls. I wonder if the loop is a necklace of pearls. Do you think it's probable?

Thank you.
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    No. It is an expression which expresses marvel/wonder/awe/enchantment. A modern equivalent is "I was blown away".
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