go for a ride


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Without context, we cannot judge what exactly is this activity, can we?

We may ride horses, we may ride bicycles, we may ride in a bus or a car. Of course, go for a ride cannot refer to the last activity, can it?
  • loghrat

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    That's right,stephen, you cannot tell.

    'go for a ride on a bike/motor bike/scooter'
    'go for a ride on a horse'
    'go for a ride on a carousel'

    'go for a drive in a car'

    'go for a ride in a bus' ?? sounds a little odd, because 'go for a ride' suggests a recreational activity and maybe not following a set route, whereas going by bus, or taking or catching a bus, is normally to get from a to b.

    I agree with waltern, you can also say 'go for a ride in a car'.
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    Susan Y

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    You can also go for a ride in a bus, if your objective is not so much to get from A to B, but rather to enjoy the bus ride itself. Here in Australia when it gets hot I sometimes go for a ride on a bus - any bus - just to enjoy the air conditioning!
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