1. pour_pousser_la_Méshémée Senior Member

    Newfoundland, Canada
    Canada, English
    Hello. I want to translate this subtle phrase into French, and I understand that what they say in Quebec is possibly different from what they say in France. How do you say "go fuck yourself" in Quebecois French?
  2. Gin Member

    French, Québec-Canada
    I think there is no difference between France french and Québecois french for that one ... :
    "go fuck yourself" in Québecois French = Va te faire foutre.
  3. Kippson New Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    Canada - English & French
    Va te crisser;
    Va chier;

    ... and Gin's answer as well.
  4. aldonse

    aldonse Senior Member

    va te faire enculer
    Va te faire écraser la bite à coup de santiags, tabernacle! (Cf. Les Inconnus)
    En Suisse on dit: mais va te chier!
    ou Va caquer!
  5. Kippson New Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    Canada - English & French
    Even though my top answer would still be va te crisser, most Quebec residents I know stick to fuck off, man with their classic Quebecer accent. I'm sure you can imagine.
  6. Fleur de lys 1608

    Fleur de lys 1608 Senior Member

    français et québécois
    Va te crisser...quoi? Va te crisser dans le lac. Là tu as l'expression complète!
  7. Gin Member

    French, Québec-Canada
    That is more "Tabarnak!" than *Tabernacle*, Aldonse.

    Et peut-être plus :
    *Va donc chier!*
    *Va donc chier, Tabarnak!* (ou Câliss! ou Criss!) Wuah! What a shame, our language, sometimes!

    Mexican people call Québecois tourists, "Los Tabarnacos!"

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