Go -ing [go swimming / go playing tennis]


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Could someone please explain to me why
1) "Let's go swimming" sounds right, while
2) "Let's go playing tennis" does not (at least in my opinion)?
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the answer in the previous threads.

In sentence 2) (second question, but same topic), would you normally say
a) "Let's go play tennis"
b) "Let's go and play tennis"
c) "Let's go to play tennis"
I think a) would be the commonest, but perhaps all three are possible.

Thank you!
  • bakshink

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    Let me try this
    To swim is an act- swim is a verb so you can do swimming but tennis itself is a noun so you can't do tennissing- however You can go playing, I believe.

    In the second sentence
    a) "Let's go, play tennis" a comma should make the sentence OK. b) and c) look ok to me. Let us hear from the experts
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