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I'm watching a video titled "USS Iwo Jimas 2012 Spirit Spot", in the closing, it shows a sign read: Go Navy, Beat Army.

I wonder whether it means "Come, join American navy and defeat American army" - an equivalent of "Marines are superior to infantries".

Thanks in advance
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    From Wikipedia: Army–Navy Game:
    The Army–Navy Game is an American college football rivalry game between the teams of the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York and the United States Naval Academy (USNA) at Annapolis, Maryland.

    The USMA team, the "Army Black Knights", and the USNA team, the "Navy Midshipmen", each represent their services' oldest officer commissioning sources. As such, the game has come to embody the spirit of the interservice rivalry of the United States Armed Forces. The game marks the end of the college football regular season and the third and final game of the season's Commander-in-Chief's Trophy, which includes the Falcons of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

    "Go Navy, Beat Army" is a call to action for the Navy team to beat the Army team.

    The title of your spot should be "USS Iwo Jima 2012 Spirit Spot." Iwo Jima was a famous World War II battle. Again from Wikipedia: Battle of Iwo Jima:

    The invasion of Iwo Jima began on February 19, 1945, and continued to March 27, 1945. The battle was a major initiative of the Pacific Campaign of World War II. The Marine invasion, known as "Operation Detachment", was charged with the mission of capturing the airfields on the island, which up until that time had harried U.S. bombing missions to Tokyo. Once the bases were secured, they could then be of use in the impending invasion of the Japanese mainland.
    The battle was marked by some of the fiercest fighting of the War.

    More on both of those links.
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