go off (well, etc) v. go down (with somebody)

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Continuing the theme, here's another pair:
go down (with sb) to be received in a particular way by sb
The suggestion didn't go down very well with her boss.
go off 8 to happen in a particular way
The meeting went off well.
Do they mean the same? Can we say, say, The meeting went down very well, or, The suggestion went off well with her boss/colleagues?

Thank you.
  • Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    To go off well means to happen successfully. "The birthday party went off well because the weather was fine."
    To go down well means to be well received. "The decision to reduce taxation went down well with the wealthier voters."


    Senior Member
    AE (US English)
    No. These are both phrasal verbs (2-word phrases used as verbs). So each of the following has a different meaning:
    - go down
    - go off
    - go

    Like other verbs, each phrasal verb must be used correctly. The first one is "go down with somebody". The second is "go off well". They have to be used that way.

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