go on a picnic or go for a picnic

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Hello everyone,

Which is considered correct, go on a picnic or go for a picnic? Both "on" and "for" appear on the web with the following results.
71,300 for "go on a picnic".
28,500 for "go for a picnic".
I can't decide which is correct, or are they both correct? If so, is there any difference in their usage?

Thanks in advance.
  • DonnyB

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    English UK Southern Standard English
    I'd ceertainly say "go for a picnic", so it may well be a BE/AE preference. But both are correct.

    Giorgio Spizzi

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    Interestingly, in case it were "picnicS", the sentence "I go for picnics" would be interpreted differently (I like/I'm attracted by picnics) — and "go for" would be a phrasal verb then.

    GS :)


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    British English (Sussex)
    I think I'd say 'I'm going for a picnic' if I'd prepared it myself, and '...on a picnic' if I'd been invited to somebody else's.
    Me too, for example if a big picnic excursion is being organised by others I'd want to go "on" it. If the picnic is in the local park I'd want to go "to" it.
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