go on a tour (of the Tower of London, for example)

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  1. dakini79 Senior Member

    english uk
    I'm having some trouble translating this construction:

    I'm going on a tour of the Tower of London.
  2. Kekio Member

    Madrid (but I'm Andalusian)
    Español (Spanish)
    Estoy haciendo una visita (tour) a la Torre de Londres (Tower of London).

    Un saludo.
  3. dakini79 Senior Member

    english uk
    thanks! :)
  4. Snita Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    'Voy a visitar la Torre de Londres' would be a little more appropriate if the person has not actually gone on that tour yet.
  5. Eugin

    Eugin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina (Spanish)
    I also think that the idea is that this action is going to take place in the future..."Voy a hacer una excursión a la Torre de Londres"


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