Go one's separate ways

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Good evening!
Well, I need you to translate this expression "Go one's separate ways".
I just want the "raw" translation for this, not in a context.
I thought about : "Aller de son propre chemin"
I'm not sure, anyway, thanks.
  • cropje_jnr

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    Hello and welcome,

    Well, I guess you know that this generally means se quitter. But in terms of a literal translation, maybe "partir chacun de son coté"?

    edit - Hmm, I always say great minds think (sort of) alike. :D


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    France - French
    Cela semble correct, cependant ce que je ne comprends pas c'est ce "one's", qu'est-ce qu'il signfie exactement?
    Dans "reach one's goal" il signifiera : "atteindre son but", so I need some precisions about it.


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    C'est une tournure de phrase en anglais.

    To reach one's goal, to do one's job, to go one's way.
    Atteindre son but, faire son travail, aller/partir de son côté.

    Kelly B

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    Your English original isn't consistent in number. One can go one's separate/own way, singular; people (plural) can go their separate ways (plural).
    Which do you mean?

    One's = son.

    Moon Palace

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    I agree with KellyB.
    If you only have 'to go one's separate way', then it has to be a way that is separate from someone else's way. 'aller de son propre côté' but context will have to support the idea of a second person going in another way.
    Otherwise, it has to be a plural 'go their / our separate ways'
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