go shopping ____ a department store.


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Let's go shopping _________ a department store.

a. to
b. by
c. at

I thought all the three options could be the answer.

But the answer paper read "the answer is B".

Do you all guys reall think the answer can be only "b"?
  • cutiepie1892

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    I don't think B sounds right at all!!! I would say "Let's go shopping at the/a department store"


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    Northern Ireland English
    To me it sounds like an incredibly unnatural way of saying let's go shopping beside a department store, but maybe that's just me... :)

    suzi br

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    erm, NO, we are being polite in our way of phrasing it, but really we do NOT use by in that context in English!


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    To my ear, 'c' is the only acceptable choice.

    The only time I can think of where 'b' might be correct is in the case of a department store surrounded by small shops or vendor stands. I doubt this is the case. (One can always find exceptions)

    It is always helpful when a textbook, answer sheet or whatever disagrees with the collective wisdom and experience of native speakers on this forum to specify whether the writer of the referenced document is a native English speaker.


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    When you use the expression go -ing you cannot use a preposition of direction, only of place. This is a grammar rule, not an opinion.

    I went swimming in the river. You cannot say I went swimming to the river
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