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Ana Yelena

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I am a beginner learning Chinese and am starting to experiment with tenses (past, present, future). I am hoping that someone in the WR Community can help me express the idea of going shopping for groceries. I would also be interested to hear the distinction between 杂货店. / 市场 (huòdiàn / shìchǎng).

1) 让我们去杂货店. / 市场.
Ràng wǒmen qù záhuòdiàn / shìchǎng.
Let’s go to the grocery store.

2) 让我们市场买东西.
Ràng wǒmen shìchǎng mǎi dōngxi.
Let’s go shopping at the market.

3) 我们市场买东西了.
Wǒmen shìchǎng mǎi dōngxi le.
We went shopping at the market (earlier today - implied, but not stated).

4) 我们昨天市场买东西了.
Wǒmen zuótiān shìchǎng mǎi dōngxi le.
Yesterday, we went shopping at the market.

5) 我们明天市场 买东西..
Wǒmen míngtiān shìchǎng mǎi dōngxi.
Tomorrow, we will go shopping at the market.

Thank you.

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  • Lamb67

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    杂货店. / 市场. You need the throughout all the 5 sentence, used before 市场.

    the former is grocery , the latter is market. I think you already know the distincition by the equivelant English.i.e Grocery and Market


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    about tense:

    Tomorrow, we will go shopping.
    我们明天上街买东西. --将 jiang1
    我们明天上街买东西. --要 yao4
    我们明天上街买东西. --会 hui4

    When no specific market is mentioned, go shoping can be uttered as 上街买东西.

    上街: shang4 jie1
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