go the extra mile delivering the contracted services

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I have been reading a contract of our customer.
I tried reading this sentence but I cannot understand what is infferd.

"To achieve a very high customer satifaction, the Vendor shall be willing and able to go the extra mile delivering the contracted services."

What does the "go the extra mile" mean? is it saying " you need to provide more services than contracted services?

plase let me know.

thank you in advance.
  • Andygc

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    velisarius beat me to it :). However, I'll add that this is an extraordinary thing to put in a contract. There's no agreed definition of how far an extra mile is, so it is a completely unenforceable provision.


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    The same thought occurred to me Andy. I thought the concept of going the extra mile is all about doing something over and above the strict requirements of a contract.
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