Go through them like buckwheat through a goose


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There was the sense of flying –flying through the blue –above scenes of utter desolation that could not quite be seen. And cutting through this came the disembodied voice of Greg Stillson, the voice of a cut-rate God or a comic-opera engine of the dead: ‘I’M GONNA GO THROUGH THEM LIKE BUCKWHEAT THROUGH A GOOSE! GONNA GO THROUGH THEM LIKE SHIT THROUGH A CANEBRAKE!’
Source: The Dead Zone by Stephen King
Context: Johnny is shaking Greg Stillson’s hands. Johnny is a psychic and he is sensing Greg’s inner self and forseeing his future.

What does the lexical cluster in bolded capital letters mean? like being a wheat that was eaten and defecated by a goose? What canebrake refer to? a certain snake or below definition?

canebrake: a piece of ground covered with a dense growth of canes.

Thank you.
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    There's a famous moment in the movie Patton where he says "Men, we're gonna go through those Kraut lines like shit through a goose." (Or something like that.) SK just altered it slightly.

    But I can't explain the canebrake reference. The image doesn't work for me. A snake or rat through a canebrake would make more sense.
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