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I’m wondering which sounds more natural to native speakers.

I have to go to a class
I have to go to the class
I have to go to my class

I would appreciate it very much if someone could explain the nuances of the sentence if they are not correct.

Thank you very much!
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  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Hello kabichan, and Welcome to the Forum! :) (although I note that you've been a member for some time.)

    I would prefer to deal with your examples in three threads (rule#2 = one topic per thread).

    Let's concentrate on example 1.
    I would say that context deteremines the appropriate selection. Do you have any context and background for example 1? :)


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    Hi Beryl from Northallerton, thank you for your advice and I edited so my post has only one topic.

    The context could be something like this..
    I am taking one class at school. I’m talking to my friend and it’s time to go, so I have to tell her this sentence to let her know that I need to go. She knows that I’m taking one class.

    I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you very much
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