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    Hi all!

    Thanks for reading this. One of my very closest friends is Japanese, and she is getting married soon. Her friends have organized a surprise for her... (a video collage) and I want to contribute. I know only a few words of Japanese. If you could please help me translate a few lines for me to record and send to her, I would be extremely grateful!

    One phrase is going to be odd because it is an inside joke; please bear with me. I know it would make her laugh.

    • You go together better than Juan and his dentures! (Context: Something like "You go together better than peanut butter and jelly", etc.)
    • See the other thread.

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks all!
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    What is the context of this Juan and his dentures? (I do understand "peanut butter & jelly" one.) Do you mean he wears dentures and they stick well and would not come off? or there are some episodes about him and dentures, not exactly his own? Remember, Japanese and English are very different and relevant verbs often do not work the same with different objects. You need to explain more to have it translated well enough or it wouldn't make it as funny as you expect. (It may not sound as funny as it does in English anyways though.)
    Are they your senior or junior? Is the groom very close to you too? (polite form issue) Are you female or male? (gender wording issue)
  3. Nobu.0

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    I don't really see the context, but I imagine there is someone by the name of Juan, who always wears dentures, and you're trying to make joke by referring to him? How about this translation...
    ホアンと彼の入歯より良いカップルになってね。(Be a better couple than Juan and his dentures.)

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