go too far / cross a line


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I'm trying to collect a few Italian expressions for the English "go too far" or "cross a line."

I found a few colorful ones using search, but would be grateful if anyone could add further suggestions to:

"superare il limite"
"passare il segno"
"cagare:warning: fuori dal vasino"
"esagerare" ← little unsure of this one.

  • Mi sembra già una lista completa.

    Forse si potrebbe aggiungere "farla grossa."

    O "non regolarsi."

    Forse si potrebbe aggiungere "farla grossa."
    O "non regolarsi."
    "spingersi troppo oltre"?

    Grazie Raffa e Giovannino! Potreste spiegare un po' queste 3 espressioni per favore? Forse usando degli esempli?
    All right,
    I'll try.

    "Accidenti, l'hai fatta davvero grossa, stavolta."
    "Hell, you' ve done it now!"

    "Non ti sei proprio regolato."
    "You didn't behave!!"

    As for "spingersi troppo oltre" I'd say "to go too far" is the very translation.

    :) Raffuzza
    "fare lo sborone:warn:" is a local slang, but kind of common, because it has been used by a famous comic actor.
    It means "to act like you know everything, but in the end you fail miserabily", but somehow you can use it also when you want to say "someone crossed th line, trying to do something he/she wasnt able to do".
    Thanks Raffa, your examples help a lot.

    Mustaine, I'm curious to know ... what is the literal meaning of "lo sborone?" Strange enough I couldn't find it in any dictionaries! ;)