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After a day spent on a female retreat, Fleabag says to her sister she can't feel her feet.
CLAIRE: Do you remember we used to go top-to-toe?
FLEABAG: Now kids are so weird.
CLAIRE: We used to do that all the time.
FLEABAG: Yeah, when we were ten and cute. Now we're 30 and angry.
Fleabag, TV Series

Just, what does that mean?
Thank you.
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    CLAIRE: Do you remember we used to go top-to-toe
    It's what two people do when they platonically share a bed, like friends, sisters etc. They sleep with their heads at opposite ends of the bed.

    Other names for it are "head to toe" and "top and tail".

    They are saying they used to do it (share a bed in that way) all the time as children when they were ten and cute but now, in contrast, they're 30 and angry.

    Perhaps "top-to-toe" is BE?
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