go torque a wicked cable


One guy persuades another that they should go to the toilet at the airport, before the flight. He explains why:
— The toilets in coach are barely ventilated closets, all right, if that. Now, let's say halfway through the flight, right, your body wants that airplane food out. You gotta go torque a wicked cable, and then right after you... like directly after you, walks in Christa or Blake [the girls they like]. Do you want them to associate you with that watery sting in their eye. That reflexive gag at the back of their throat?
Final Destination, movie

I guess he's basically describing solid waste from the body.
But I totally don't understand what it specifically means. Nor the grammar of the phrase. Could you explain it to me?
Thank you.
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    "Torque" is a verb.
    You have to go and apply a twisting pressure to a cylindrical object. You have to go defecate.


    I still don't understand something...

    1. What meaning does "cable" have here? "Strong thick metal rope" Is it a metaphor for "poo" ("cylindrical object")?

    2. Why does it have anything to do with twisting?...


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    The miracles of slang inflation. It used to be that "pinch a loaf" was sufficiently vulgar and graphic. :eek:

    1. I would say yes.

    2. Perhaps torqueing and pressing seem related. Otherwise - ?

    I have my doubts about how widespread the phrase actually is, but I didn't get very far in the Google results.
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