go up and greet

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Lucy 234

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Hello everyone,
I am a little confused about how to understand "go up" in the following sentence. I have looked up the dictionary and I am not sure whether it means " to move higher, rise". Maybe it has other meaning.
Could you help me? Thank you in advance!

"Seeing Buffalo in the distance, Wally started to go up and greet him, but Ben tried to stop him."
"When Dinuzulu returned from his trip to Maritzburg last Winter, we were ordered by the indunas to go up and greet him."
  • Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    "And" is commonly used in speech and less formal situations between two verbs, where "to" would be used in formal writing. Therefore "go up and greet him" means "go up to greet him"

    Omitting the second verb, "go up to him" is clear enough, meaning go to where he is is; "up" is added to mean going all the way to the person or thing so he ends up standing directly in front of it (or him, in this case). The second verb "greet" says why he is doing this.
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