Go, you Ravens, peck em and deck em.

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What does bolded expression below from Lisey's Story by Stephen King mean ?

He laughs uneasily.‘ Well, I did. Go, you Ravens, peck em and deck em.’ He makes a cawing sound, laughs more uneasily still, then takes a big glug of wine.

Thank you
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    What is happening in the scene?

    I don't know the time frame of this novel, but is it perchance about the Baltimore Ravens?


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    I'm cawingly sure the Baltimore Ravens did not exist then.

    I understand: Go, you (birds = ravens) ...

    A) peck em = peck them = use your beak to literally peck them
    B) deck em = smear them = take them down = tackle them = put them in their place

    You do B) after having done A). :)

    It's all very aggressive from birds, but they do it.


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    In the paragraph, Lisey is remembering her late husband Scott telling her about his childhood.

    The lines preceding the quoted line is:

    "I graduated Martensburg High when I was sixteen. Took a lot of tests, got a papal dispensation...surely I told you that?"
    "No, Scott."

    I would infer that the Ravens might be one of the high school's teams, and the "peck & deck" line is something their fans would cheer to encourage them to defeat the opposing team.
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