Goal/norm beliefs

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    I have a problem! I'm trying to write a thesis in French and I'm finding it diffecult to translate certain English terms such as goal beliefs and norm beliefs.These are psychological terms and I cannot find anything close in French :(, what do you think?
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    Hi rtremper,
    Welcome to WR forums!

    Because it helps all of us if your title describes the question you are asking, I changed it to make searching easier for other members.
    I hope you won't mind :)

  3. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    The individual words mean :

    beliefs : croyances
    goal : but
    norm : norme

    As for the phrases, I am not sure ...
  4. DDT

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    SInce we're talking about psychology I'd better render "beliefs" as "principes"...I was wondering whether "norm" could be rendered as "normatifs" here...I haven't got a clue about "goal", sorry

  5. Gil Senior Member

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    Si tu pouvais donner quelques exemples de "goal beliefs" et "norm beliefs", je crois que ça nous aiderait à suggérer quelque chose.

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