goat = insulting?

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Anonymous asked them to use the Twitter hashtags #Daesh and #Daeshbags and post "mocking photos" of the group - such as posting picture of goats to ISIS members with captions talking about their wives, amongst other trolling tactics.
Source: AOL

Does goat stand for an insult to Islamic world or Western world where the Christianity dominates?

Is it relevant to the idiom "get someone's goat"- make someone angry?

Thank you!
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    Further information:
    The quoted text is part of a news report that can be found on a number of websites (I just found a somewhat longer version than the OP's quote on the NBC News site). "Anonymous" is a group of hackers who have declared "war" on ISIS and have requested that everyone post messages mocking ISIS this Friday, December 11th.

    ISIS is known as Daesh in the Middle East, and "Daeshbag" is obviously a play on "douchebag".

    I think that probably picturing anyone as a goat can be taken as uncomplimentary at best. It may have further nasty import in the Middle East.
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