God is my strength


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Hello! Let me try this again! I am trying to confirm the proper translation of "Dieu est ma force". I believe it means, "God is my strength". Can someone please confirm this phrase for me, or perhaps suggest a better french alternative for "God is my strength"...Thank you so much!
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    It seems right to me, but of course I am not francophone. but I agree with you.


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    hello Hazel123, and welcome! :)

    I'm sorry if I confused you by renaming your first thread to "God is your strength." Here on WR, we ask that you put the original keywords in the thread title (rule 4). Since you seem to be trying to find the French equivalent of "God is my strength," that means the English expression should be in the title (and I am again going to fix that here). The reason we have this rule is because, as you can imagine, it helps to reduce the number of errors in thread titles!

    I assume you opened this thread since you didn't recognize your old one after I had renamed it... and not because it hadn't received any replies (patience is a virtue :p). Since there weren't any replies in the first thread, I'll just delete it as a duplicate.

    Thanks for understanding! :)

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