God, what are you punishing me for?


Hello, do you use this sentence or something similar in your language?

God, what are you punishing me for?

Czech: Ach bože, za co mě trestáš? - Oh God, what are you punishing me for?
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    Latin: Deus, prō quō mē pūnīs?

    Chinese has a word for "God" (神) but they don't use it as often as westerners would use it, except for Christians.

    Spanish: Dios, ¿para qué me estás castigando?
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    Spanish - Peru
    Spanish: Dios, ¿para qué me estás castigando?
    Sería: "Dios, ¿por qué me castigas/estás castigando?"

    Something similar that can be said in my country (I don't know if in other countries too): "¿Qué estaré pagando?" (What am I paying for?) meaning something bad or unpleasant happened to me and that must be a punishment or "payment" for a sin I committed.



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    «Τι αμαρτίες πληρώνω, Θεέ μου;» [ti amarˈti.es pliˈɾono θeˈe mu?] --> O God, what sins am I paying for?


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    Japanese: 神よ、何故に私を罰するのですか? (God, for what are you punishing me?)


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    Russian - Russia
    In Russian, when a mother is angry with her child, she may exclaim dramatically, "О Господи! За что мне такое наказание?" (literally "Oh Lord, why is such a punishment for me?") And it's more like a rhetoric expression of frustration, nothing more.
    But if someone is going through some really difficult times (with ilnesses, deaths in the family or any other ordeals), the phrase will sound slightly different, "За что ты наказываешь/караешь меня, Господи?" (what are you punishing me for, oh Lord?)
    Basically, there is no difference in meaning; it is just one of those nuances that are present in every language and are often hard to explain logically.
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    Belgium, Dutch
    "Een straf van God" [punishment of/ by God] sounds somewhat familiar but is uncommon, as far I can see. I cannot imagine anything religious except for: "Waar heb ik dat verdiend?" [Lit. Where(fore ?) did I deserve this?What did I do to deserve this?] Of course that is when the worst happens, not the best...


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    But then I thought: is there no equivalent like the forefathers, or heaven, or ...? Some reference to powers or x having influence, impact, on our lives (in our perception)?
    There's no problem if we just translate the original sentence into Chinese,
    神啊,你为什么要惩罚我? (God, why do you punish me?)
    Just it is not something people would commonly say.

    A more common yet similar saying would be:
    天啊!我做错了什么? (Heaven! What have I done wrong?)


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    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    ʔilāhī, lima tuʕāqibunī?
    إلهي، لم تعاقبني؟

    ʔilāhī can be replaced by ʔallāhumma or yā ʔallāh
    I would use علام (ʿalāma) instead of لم; I think there's a difference in nuance ("for what" vs. "why").

    In Palestinian Arabic:

    يا رب، على شو عم بتعاقبني/بتقاصصني؟
    ya rabb, ʿala šū ʿam bitʿaqibni/bitʾaṣiṣni?


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    British English (Sussex)
    In English we may say "What have I done to deserve this?", but it's usually a rhetorical question addressed to nobody in particular.


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    Italian - Italy
    Italian: "Dio, perché (per che cosa) mi stai castigando?"
    Tosca would say: "Nell'ora del dolore, perché, perché, Signore, perché me ne rimuneri così?… "
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