Godspeed your love to me

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Ruthless butcher

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Spanish (Argentina)
Hello, I need help to figure out a phrase. The phrase is "Godspeed your love to me". I was just watching the movie "Ghost" and almost at the end of the movie a song plays and I heard that phrase that I cannot understand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • PaulQ

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    English - England
    As two words, "God speed your love to me." = "May the Lord Almighty quickly send your love to me."

    Speed (as a transitive verb) is in the subjunctive because you are commanding the Uncommandable and thus it is merely a wish.


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    Remember also the archaic meaning of speed (noun - success; verb - cause to succeed), as in the idiom more haste, less speed. If you wish someone Godspeed, you're actually saying 'May God prosper you'. In the song you mentioned, I think it could mean 'May God cause your love to me to flourish'. (Yes, speed is in the subjunctive as indicated by Paul).
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