Goes away [Synonyms for 'depart' and 'leave'?]

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Tenacious Learner

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Hi teachers,
Would 'goes away' and 'going away' be synonyms for 'departs' and 'leaving' respectively in the following sentences?
Booking Clerk: Your train departs (goes away) from platform four.
Peter: Oh, the train is leaving (going away) now.

The idea is just to give that definition to the students to explain 'depart' and 'leave'.

Thanks in advance.
  • dadane

    Senior Member
    Technically, yes, in reality, no. However, if you drop the 'away' from both sentences you end up with what I would consider the normal usage version, i.e 'Your train goes from platform four' and 'Oh, the train is going now!'.

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