goes double for you

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The Riddler and Two-Face are intruding Bruce's house (they know he's Batman already). The Riddler:
-- Remember the plan. Seize and capture.
-- No killing.
-- That goes double for you.
Batman Forever, movie

What does that mean?... I don't know if that matters but Two-Face has two halves of his face being different and his personality is split too.
Thank you.
  • se16teddy

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    I suppose the only logical interpretation is that you are twice as much as me in need of a reminder that we mustn't kill him. Maybe the joke lies in the other possible interpretations (you need to be reminded not to kill him twice etc).


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    Yes. It is a case of redundancy for emphasis. It is often used with an absolute instruction (like in your original - no killing), where clearly it is impossible to "not kill" twice as much.
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