Going absent without leave

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  1. Yeerme Member

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    Amigos cuál sería la traduccíon en inglés de esta frase legal?... Aquí les pongo el contexto:

    In a statement dated 4 November 1996 to the Ministry of Defence Police, the applicant stated that the attack by the lance-corporal had occurred in the week prior to his going absent without leave, while in a statement dated 29 January 1997 he stated that the attack occurred sometime in February 1993.

    Gracias por su ayuda

  2. Mariwel Senior Member

    Spanish Spain (Madrid)
    Su ausencia sin permiso
  3. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    taking leave of absence
    Can we have the original sentence in Spanish please?
  4. the boss Banned

    ausente sin permiso

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