going down in a blaze of obscenities and blood

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Phillip’s shoulder had been torn from the socket. Visibly. His TF gear had been shredded, and August could have reached out and traced his fingers over the Corsai’s claw marks. And now four TFs were dead and Phillip seemed hell-bent on going down in a blaze of obscenities and blood.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
Context: TF=task force. Phillip is writhing around so much on the medical table.

What does "going down in a blaze of obscenities and blood" mean here?

  • Barque

    It means "to die".

    WR dictionary (from the page on go): go down - to stop functioning:The computer went down.

    Philip seemed bent on dying while screaming obscenities and with a lot of blood flowing.


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    The typical (probably cliche) phrase is to go down in a blaze of glory. The idea is to (metaphorically) shine brilliantly one last time before the end of one's life (or career, or performance, etc.). Instead of blazing gloriously, Phillip seems to want to go out swearing incandescently.
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