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  1. tireless Senior Member

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    Buenas tardes:

    Solicito vuestra ayuda para saber que frase es más correcta:

    I would be delighted to be informed if going for a sail is included in...

    I would be delighted to be informed if sailing is included in...

    Se trata de una carta formal y me refiero a que si navegar es una de las actividades incluidas en el programa de deportes.

    Muchas gracias, un saludo,
  2. lory_k75

    lory_k75 Senior Member

    Creo que lo correcto es decir 'saoling' como en tu segundo ejemplo. En inglés no se usa 'to go for a sail.'

    Que alguien me corrija si me equivoco...
  3. Agaricus New Member

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    Yes, one does sometimes hear "let's go for a sail."

    Also: "Would you like to go for a sail?"
  4. joeysgirl

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    Is there anyone out there who might still be paying attention to this thread? I'd actually like to know the opposite of the original question: how would you say in Spanish to go for a sail, as in the example above (Would you like to go for a sail?).

    I'm thinking navegar isn't going to do it; "go for a sail" implies a casual outing, an afternoon's activity with no particular destination. For instance, I live near a lake where people take their sailboats out in the summertime, and just sail up and down the lake for fun. This would be going for a sail. Is there any phrase that gets this particular idea across? Could you say ir a navegar in this context and get this idea across?
  5. VaneF

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    "Salir a navegar" fits perfectly.
  6. franzjekill

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    Hacer vela. Otra posibilidad.
  7. joeysgirl

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    Thanks to you both! Much appreciated!

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