"Going to be some A&R people there."

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the musician told his friend about how he know A&R at pub

"Going to be some A&R people there. This guy contacted me after checking out my Youtube channel and wants to see me live."

i assume he wanna tell "I'm going to 'meet' A&R there after he saw his channel and made an appointment."
but I don't understand why he used "going to be with noun"

Thank you
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    I looked up "A&R" in wikipedia. It says it is the division (within a record company) that finds new talent (new artists). In the example, he says an A&R person contacted him, and promised to to visit the club and watch his live performance.

    "Going to be some A&R people there" leaves out a couple words. The sentence is: "There are going to be some A&R people there".

    "There" is the club, where he is performing. The sentence is not about anyone "meeting".
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