going to/going sightseeing?

meredith zita

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Cantonese, Hong Kong
'Purposely going to sightseeing is worthwhile, if I got a special company to go with.'
Is it correct to use 'going to sightseeing'?

Also, thanks for suggesting about the accuracy of using 'if' in this sentence.
  • suzi br

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    English / England
    You can purposely go to sightsee. (not go to sightseeing).

    It is fine to use "if" to relate the idea of going to sightsee and having a companion to go with.

    Personally I would not say "if I got a special companion". I think Americans use "got" more that British speakers. I would say "if I have special company to go with"


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    English, USA
    Hello. I'll add an AmE opinion.

    Personally, I would say this in the following manner:
    Going sightseeing is worthwhile, if I have someone special to go with.
    Sightseeing is worthwhile, if I've got someone special to go with.
    (or something of that nature...)

    I don't really understand the use of 'purposely' in the sentence.
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