going to work in a rice paddy

Alex Coseff

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I'm not quite sure why the character compares her previous job to a rice paddy. By any chance, could it be a metaphor referring to a minefield (she used to be a reporter)? On second thoughts, she describes her job as easy.. there was the annoying boss, though...
I' d be grateful for your help.
Many thanks.

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
"Actually, it was a job I likened to going to work in a rice paddy every day. Although I knew that was an unfair comparison. The rice paddy didn't have my boss, the overpaid fuckup, in charge. It was basically a job rewriting press releases, so in theory it was easy. This guy spent most of his time walking over to see what I was doing, which was annoying in the extreme, since he himself never did anything."
  • Slova

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    I think this is a metaphor but stands for a monotonous kind of job without any connotation with a dangerous feature.

    Alex Coseff

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    Thank you, Slova.
    You might have a point there. Still, I think there might be more to it... A rice paddy can get really flooded.....Perhaps there no danger implication, the minefield (I had suggested previously) was a hyperbole, a bit of an exaggeration (she wasn't a war reporter..).
    I'll wait for some native-like comments, but thanks, anyway.


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    I agree with Slova, Alex. Working in a rice paddy is (thought of as being) back-breaking, monotonous, tedious work ~ no danger involved:)

    I reckon her 'unfair comparison' comment is a little joke: the comparison is unfair to rice paddies ~ conditions there are better because they don't have her boss etc.
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