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Hi, everyone: I have always wanted to know the difference between a "gold ring" and a "golden ring". My understanding by now is that a "gold ring" is a ring made of gold, while a "golden ring" may be a "gold ring" or may be a ring in the color of gold. Is that correct? Thanks.
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    Yes. Other examples would be:
    "...with her curls of glossy golden hair."
    "...and bake until golden."

    Try substituting 'gold' in those sentences and imagine the scenarios in the hairdressers (who wouldn't want the job of sweeping up the hair off the floor; and you'd find a lot more men in kitchens baking scones!)
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    Traditionally, there was a "gold ring" that could be caught while riding a merry-go-round (carousel). I seriously doubt if any of these ever was made of real gold.
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