gold tooth flashing a miner's delight

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"gold tooth flashing a miner's delight", does it mean the flash of his gold tooth made miners happy/or delighted?

"Just he was about to go, Jacinto, who always appeared for his rent at the right moment, came around the corner." Adios Adios," gold tooth flashing a miner's delight."

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.

Many thanks.
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    Gold miners would be delighted to see a lot of gold (when mining); they can see a lot of gold in his mouth. It's assumed that a gold miner is always happy to see a lot of gold. "Someone's delight" is something that pleases that person or kind of person, as in the adage: "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight" (shepherds are happy to see this, apparently, as it indicates good weather the next day—or something of that kind).
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