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  1. isabel84 Member

    Spain - castellano
    I need some help with a couple of words that i can't find what they exactly mean in Spanish: golden caster sugar, soft dark brown sugar, plain flour.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Canela Mad

    Canela Mad Senior Member

    Spanish Colombia-Spain
    I only can help with one

    soft dark brown sugar = Azúcar morena suave
  3. isabel84 Member

    Spain - castellano
    Gracias!! Pero, qué es azúcar suave?? En España sólo tenemos azúcar normal y azúcar glace...esa que es más finita, supongo que es esa ¿? Gracias!
  4. Canela Mad

    Canela Mad Senior Member

    Spanish Colombia-Spain
    Sí, en otros países, el azúcar se consigue en diferentes "calibres" dependiendo de lo fino que sea el grano, supongo que el suave, estará muy finamente molido.

    Un saludo
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  5. Canela Mad

    Canela Mad Senior Member

    Spanish Colombia-Spain

    Acabo de encontrar algo más:

    "Golden granulated and golden caster sugar
    What strikes you about these two is first their free-flowing quality, and secondly their colour, which has all the golden sparkle of champagne. The granulated is for the sugar bowl; use it for tea or for sprinkling over cereals. The caster is suitable for a sugar shaker when you need an extra bit of sweetness on fruit. It’s also an absolute star in meringues, and I now won’t make a sponge cake with anything else."

    Lo he sacado de una página llamada
    Tiene un montón de explicaciones sobre ingredientes de cocina, especial pastelería.

    Buena suerte
  6. isabel84 Member

    Spain - castellano
    Muchísimas gracias!!! :)
  7. lucyt20 New Member

    English -UK
    I want to make mince pies for my class at school and I can't seem to find the spanish equivalent to a few things:

    plain flour - would I use harina bizcocho (not de trigo)
    golden caster sugar - I think this is azucar moreno glace ??

    Would that be correct? I'm so confused. In spain you seem to have so many different types of flour!
  8. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Plain flour: All-purpose fluor: Harina de trigo (normal y corriente, ni para pan (bread flour) ni para pasteles (pastry flour)).
    Golden caster sugar: Azúcar de caña sin refinar.
  9. mijoch Banned

    British English
    "caster/castor" is an original name for the small glass pot with a perforated top for sprinkling pepper, sugar, etc.

    So caster sugars are in powder form. The form I buy is "azúcar blanco".

    "golden caster sugar" has a small percentage added of molasses which gives it the colour, but it is still a `powder.

    "dark brown sugar" has a higher percentage of molasses, and so is darker, soft (blando) and cannot be powder--------granulated.

    That's the situation in my English. There is a lot of variation in these `popular names. In fact, I get confused with the variations in the Spanish translations, so leave this to the natives.

  10. SydLexia Senior Member

    London, EU
    UK English
    And "plain flour" is just "harina" (in contrast to "self-raising flour" which is "harina con levadura incorporada).

    'Harina de trigo' should work fine.


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