gone for a spin in the / a car she just bought


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Good evening everyone!

Pete comes to see Jason and Mary at their place, but Mary isn't there.

Pete: Where is Mary?
Jason: Mary's gone for a spin in the / a car she just bought.

I would go for the indefinite article because the hearer is not familiar with the car, nor is the car identifiable from the context.

Which one would you prefer?

Thank you in advance:)
  • dojibear

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    AE (US English)
    Both are correct. "

    The car she just bought" means one specific car: the car she just bought. The object does not have to be identified before "the" to use "the". Often sentences are like this: they use "the" and then identify which car later in the sentence.

    But only in the same sentence. We would not use "the car" and then identify which car in later sentences.

    And "a car (that) she just bought" is also correct in this sentence.