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XYZ Company have since gone regional and have expanded to offer new services such as video services, specialized photography services & digital imaging services.

What is the meaning of 'gone regional'?
Does it sound like ' a company which was hitherto a international company has turned to the region it is situated in' ?

  • sdgraham

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    The context of you sentence implies that a company has expanded into an area it calls it's "region."

    By itself, i.e. without context, the expression has nothing whatsoever to do with national or international. For example, a "regional air carrier" here in the u.s. might apply to an airline that operates in the western United States.


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    Agree with sdgraham.
    My understanding would be, a local company which started with one shop/factory catering to the local town or city, has expanded operations to cater to the whole region/area. This might be have been accomplished by opening new shops/factories in other towns and cities in the region.
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