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Hello all,
I will be starting some research on Polish consonant sequences and thus require a good Polish dictionary, but one that isn't too "scientific", just one that is a good representation of the Polish language. For example, the English language has the Oxford Dictionary, the French language has the Robert or Larousse. What would be a representative dictionary of the Polish language? This would probably be one that most Polish families have at home. I am guessing one from PWN? Any recommendations?
As well, would there be any good ones online? An online one would really make my work easier.
Any piece of info is much appreciated!
  • Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    Perfect choice. :thumbsup:

    :idea: Use always w słowniku języka polskiego, you have to pick this option each time after having searched an entry since the dictionary automatically fixes w "Uniwersalnym" słowniku języka polskiego, which is more in-depth but payable.

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