Good dogger, good sawyer

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I read a novel by Dorothy Garlock entitled "sins of summer"
the book is full with words that I didnt understand
but most of them have definitions in the dictionaries

here I'd like to have the definitions of these two words in red

"yet he was a good dogger and would have been a good sawyer, but he was too reckless."

thank you
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    Please give us the complete sentence, and tell us more about the situation in which it is said. Who are the people? What is happening in the scene?

    Have you looked the words up in the dictionary, and if so, did the definitions there not seem to be applicable?
    It seems that "sawyer" is a man who saws woods?
    because the story setting happened probably in mid 1800's
    At the end the author tells the story of the died father who became a trader of timber trees wood in Idaho state
    he first met a woman living in a hut with two sons and married her
    one of her sons became dogger and sawyer


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    I'm sure you're correct about the meaning of "sawyer." We still need you to provide the complete sentence.

    Elsewhere in the book, I found some references that make the role of a dogger in a lumber operation clear:

    "He watched for a moment while the dogger…rode the sawdust-covered carriage and levered the massive log to rest against the plank edge."

    "Through the deafening noise of the blades, he communicated with the "dogger" --- the man positioning the log for the next cut -- by using hand signals."

    Source: Sins of Summer, by Dorothy Garlock

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    Parts of machinery that move things or hold things in place are often called "dogs." I'm sure this is all related, though I can't explain exactly how.

    This is from the dictionary entry on dog:

    1. MetallurgyAlso called gripper, nipper. [Metalworking.]a device on a drawbench for drawing the work through the die.
    2. a cramp binding together two timbers.
    3. Mechanical Engineeringan iron bar driven into a stone or timber to provide a means of lifting it.
    4. an andiron;

    thank you all for yor posts , I am grateful
    I give you a small extract from the book
    I hope it can help

    [excessive text deleted by moderator]

    Louis showed the most promise. He worked hard
    and seemed to like the business, Milo was a hell-
    raiser from the start. He didn't take anything
    seriously except his pleasure. yet he was a good
    dogger and would have been a good sawyer, but
    he was too reckless."

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