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    Buenas tardes.

    Quisiera saber si debo traducir Good Funds Law en la siguiente oración. De ser así, ¿cómo podría traducir este nombre?

    In the event Borrower elects to deposit closing funds by Cashier's Check, said funds MUST be deposited not later than 48 hours prior to the anticipated date of close of escrow, pursuant to AB512 Good Funds Law.

    Les agradezco su ayuda!
  2. the boss Banned

    Creo que la opción sería:

    Fondos inobjetables o fondos firmes

    Encontré la normativa 1.15 (Rule 1.1.5) que se refiere a SAFEKEEPING PROPERTY, y que pertenece al Delaware Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct
    [Effective January 1, 2004]​

    En el inciso n) dicho documento se menciona que :​

    (n) A lawyer shall not disburse Fiduciary Funds from his or her ​
    attorney trust account(s) unless the funds deposited in the account to be
    disbursed are good funds as hereinafter defined. "Good funds" shall mean:
    (1) Cash;
    (2) Electronic fund ("wire") transfer;
    (3) Certified check;
    (4) Bank cashier's check or treasurer's check;
    (5) U.S. Treasury or State of Delaware Treasury check;
    (6) Check drawn on a separate trust or escrow account of an
    attorney engaged in the private practice of law in the State of
    Delaware held in a fiduciary capacity, including his or her client's
    (7) Check of an insurance company that is authorized by the
    Insurance Commissioner of Delaware to transact insurance business in
    (8) Check in an amount no greater than $10,000.00;
    (9) Check greater than $10,000.00 which has been actually
    and finally collected and may be drawn against under federal or state
    banking regulations then in effect;
    (10) Check drawn on an escrow account of a real estate broker
    licensed by the state of Delaware up to the limit of guarantee provided
    per transaction by statute.​


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