Good going! vs. Well done! / Good job!

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Hello. Could you please tell me if I can use "good going!" interchangeably with "well done" or "good job"? Thank you.

Examples (made up by me):
Your husband-to-be looks really handsome and you said that he's even rich. Good going!

Did you really paint the whole house while we were away? Good going!
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    Thank you. Could you please then tell me what differs the phrase "good going" from "good job"? Dictionaries say that it is the same as "good job" / "well done" or "congratulations" or "good for you" which seemed to be suitable in my examples above as I was writing them (You landed yourself a handsome and rich husband? Good going/ good for you...).

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    Hi csicska, although you'll find it in dictionaries, I would avoid "good going!" if I were you. It isn't used much at all. I personally don't think I'd ever say it in that two-word exclamation. However "that's pretty good going!" in this four-word phrase is idiomatic.

    You jogged 5 miles in 30 minutes? That's pretty good going!
    You only started reading 'War and Peace' yesterday and you're already halfway through? That's pretty good going!
    What - three new threads on the forum and they all give proper context, the source and a full sentence? That's pretty good going!
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    "Good going!" sounds fine to me in the OP's second example. I often use it casually to express congratulations.

    On the other hand, all three of the options sound crass and cynical to me in the first example. If you really mean to congratulate someone because his/her fiancé is rich and handsome, it's a bit more tactful to say "Congratulations!" than "Good job!"
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