good [goods] + anyone?


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When you use anyone? in an offer, might you be either offering to sell or to buy some item?

I think if you are looking for an availability of an item, to a list of multiple correspondents, you might say for example:

WinXP Pro SP3 anyone?

I am not sure though, if the same expression could be used to offer for sale an item.

Many thanks in advance.
  • PaulQ

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    It's worth noting that the title should be, "Goods+anyone" Goods is a plural uncountable noun.

    The construction is used in the sense that you might offer someone a drink, a piece of food, etc in a polite yet informal manner, it is almost a suggestion, it is not said as a sales offer. i.e.
    Coffee, anyone? = Does anyone want any coffee?

    but when it is asked in this way, it seems to require just a little more than a straight yes or no, e.g. "No thanks, I've just had a beer." or "Yes please, I would enjoy that."It is also used as a offer of paying a game or any other suggestion of a diversion, "Tennis, anyone?" = "Does anyone want to play tennis? I doThis use was later adapted for an opinion of any goods NB It is WinXP Pro SP3, anyone? and there is a comma required.

    WinXP Pro SP3, anyone? = What do you think of WinXP Pro SP3? is not used if you are looking for an the availability of an item. It is looking for an opinion. (Or more likely, as the title of an article/email/etc, the author is about to give an opinion.)

    The use to sell an item is permissible because, as I earlier said, it is an offer that also looks for an opinion