Good guys are taken


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A: You can find a good guy?
B. No, because all good guys are taken

Can I say that they are taken? I mean by that that good guys are already with girls so they are taken.

Is it proper English to say that?

Thank you

  • Your answer means exactly what you thought it did and it is correct and colloquial. On the other hand, your question should really be in the negative: "Can't you find a good guy?"

    Ooops, I didn't read carefully enough. After reading JamesM's reply below, I realized that you left out an important word: all THE good guys are taken
    I'go with Joelline
    "Can't you find a good guy?"
    "No, because all of the good guys are taken"
    or perhaps:
    "No, because all of the best guys are taken"
    As you can see from the responses, it's important to have "the" in front of "good guys" in this context.

    I'd just like to add that we also use "ones" when saying this:

    A: You can't find a good guy?
    B: No. All the good ones are taken.