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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by pietro1980, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. pietro1980 Senior Member

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    Cosa vuol dire "a goodhonor degree"?
    Massimo dei voti?
  2. TrentinaNE

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    Qual è il contesto, pietro? Sei sicuro che è scritto proprio così, a goodhonor degree, e non a good honor's degree?

  3. pietro1980 Senior Member

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    Questo é esattamente quello che é scritto

    Academic entry requirements
    A good honours degree in a relevant subject.
  4. TrentinaNE

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    I believe this term pertains to the UK university system. This link may be useful until some of our UK friends can help out. There are also some previous threads linked at the WR dictionary. :)

  5. Karl!!!! Senior Member

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    It does indeed pertain to the UK university system.

    At university a three year course is usually called an honours degree. There are four possible grades: 1st (a first), 2:1 (a two-one), 2:2 (a two-two) and 3rd (a third). A first and a 2:1 are considered 'good' grades and therefore you would have 'a good honours degree', but I'm not sure about a 2:2.

    You can also finish a course with a grade but without the honours. I don't really understand that though!

    I hope this helps
  6. scouse J New Member

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    In the Uk university system, a degree with honours, for example batchelor of science (hons) annotated as: BSc (hons) the honours shows that a disseratiion was submitted and marked as part of the marking process. Therefore, any degree from the UK system without honours I.E. BSc - shows that a dissertation was not a requirement of the formal marking process. Previous comments are correct, a good honours degree would be a first or 2:1 but would require a dissertation in a relevant subject matter for that course, otherwise, by definition it could only be a 'good degree' So a good honours degree = achieving a 2:1 or first in a relevant degree subject, and writing a dissertation which has been incorporated into the marking process to achieve a honours degree.

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