Good humor requires a bad disposition?


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In one of the film festival award ceremony, one of the filmmaker, during his award speech, mentioned "Good humor requires a bad disposition". I don't understand what that means? Can someone please help me. Thanks.
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    It may mean that in order to produce good humor (good comedy in film, writing etc.), you need to be willing to laugh at people and their weaknesses. That can be considered as unkind.

    This is different from good humor in the sense of a cheerful mood.


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    Thanks, Hildy. I totally missed that. In a film award ceremony, "humor" does not always mean "disposition". It can mean "comedy". So he is saying that writers who write the funniest scripts (for movies) usually have a bad disposition.

    By putting the two together in one sentence, he makes it sound initially as if he means "good disposition" and the sentence contradicts itself. The audience has to think a minute to realize it means "good comedy" instead, and hopefully they will find that double meaning funny.
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