good ideas are intuitively cashed

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Does "good ideas are intuitively cashed" mean "good ideas are intuitively being paid attention"? A wild guess.

Thanks in advance

People who believe that the earth is flat are not dissenting geographers; people who deny that the Holocaust ever occurred are not dissenting historians; people who think that God created the universe in 4004 BC are not dissenting cosmologists; and we will see that people who practice barbarisms like "honor killing" are not dissenting ethicists. The fact that good ideas are intuitively cashed does not make bad ideas any more respectable.

-Sam Harris' The End of Faith
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    Hi NewAmerica,

    I realized that the verb here is "cashe": to store away in hiding or for future use.

    In your paragraph, the author describes how different people "cashe", or store away in hiding, good ideas. They hide the good ideas away and forget all about them, which allows the bad ideas to flourish.

    So another way to say "good ideas are intuitively cashed" would be: "in one's mind, good ideas are hidden away and forgotten."

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