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In order to compliment someone on a job well done, should I say "(Muy) bien" o "(Muy) bueno"? English phrases such as "Good job!" and "Well done!" are partially to blame for my confusion. What about "¡Qué bien!" or "¡Qué bueno!"? Does it matter which one I use? Would "Buen trabajo" or "Bien hecho" sound like Spanglish?

Gracias de antemano.
  • Jeromed

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    "(Muy) bien" :tick:
    "(Muy) bueno" :tick:?
    "¡Qué bien!" :tick: or
    "¡Qué bueno!" :tick:?
    "Buen trabajo" :cross: (not wrong, just not used)
    "Bien hecho":tick:...
    Just remember that bien is an adverb, and bueno an adjective. Therefore muy bien means very well (done); and muy bueno, very good (job). The same applies to Qué bueno and Qué bien.
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