Good judge of character

  • It is always difficult to translate expressions out of the context, expecially when they contain abstract concepts like this one ...
    (E' piuttosto difficile fare una traduzione accurata di un'espression astratta come questa fuori dal contesto - comunque ci provo)
    Nevertheless, I would say
    "un buon giudice del carattere"
    "un buon giudice dell'atteggiamento"
    If you have the entire sentence or period, that would help
    (se hai tutta la frase, sarebbe meglio)
    a good Judge of character is able to guess the character of a person at first sight

    the only related Italian expression I can think of is “avere intuito psicologico” i.e. “to have psychological insight/intuition”

    “fisionomista” is people able to remember the physiognomy/face of a person; in a broad sense, people having psychological insight

    from google:
    fisionomista : Chi ricorda facilmente la fisionomia di una persona; anche chi sa riconoscere il carattere altrui dall'esame della fisionomia.

    a related funny word is “lombrosiano”, Cesare Lombroso was an Italian doctor, known as the inventor of the so called “antropologia criminale” (criminology, see or ); lombrosiano is the adjective from Lombroso

    now many people use the word ‘lombrosiano’ in a comic way:
    Sono un lombrosiano convinto: il Tale è un idiota, basta guardarlo in faccia, con quella testa a pera...
    (I’m an out-and-out lombrosiano: that dude is a perfect idiot, as long as you look at his face, with his pear-like head…)