Good Looking Out

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    Here´s an example of a dialogue in which you might hear " Good looking out "

    1: hey dude..!! you just dropped your wallet.

    2: oh, thank´s man...good looking out!

    It doesn´t mean that you are literally " looking" or " watching" but that you helped them out when they didn´t realize something potentially bad was happening.

    Hope that makes some sense...


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    "Good looking out" is a slang phrase. It is the same as saying "You did well at looking out for me." In this case "looking out" means watching over, remembering, or being concerned about.
    You might also hear "I got your back" which means that you are going to be looking out for someone. You are covering their back, or their weakness.

    Lo siento, pero yo se un poco Espanol.

    And I just realized this thread is 4 years old.